DIY Gifts I Think I Could Do!

You can lose days off your life searching the internet for Do It Yourself gift ideas.  I just lost the past three, so I decided to share some I like and think I could do.  There are many projects using paint sticks, signs are a favorite of mine, and I really like these colors.  Check out the tutorial at Crafts by Amanda.beach-flag-2

This is from Architecture Art Design.  Okay, this could be pushing it for me but I like it.


I can easily do another couple of blogposts on things to make with wood or sticks, just check out my pinterest page.  There are Christmas things from sticks, things for school from sticks, the list goes on…Here is a  DIY paintstick basket.


Turn paint sticks into gardern markers, tutorial from Living Well Spending Less.


Here’s another project with puffy paint and canvas from Virginia and Charlie.


DIY giant scrabble letters, to use in floor games or as wall decorations. Check out the tutorial here from Something Turquoise.


I really like these DIY giant games.  Yatzee anyone?  There is a Giant Yatzee tutorial here.


How about food items. I’m going to try to make these polar bear knock offs from Garnish and Glaze, as well as their homemade caramels.


and No bake snowball cookies…you had me at no bake!


I also really like these dip spice ornaments.  Go to Sprikle Some Fun for the recipes and check out these cocoa ornaments too.


Make your own magic barbeque rup from StoneGable.


How about a treat in a personalized dish?  Here is the dishware tutorial from


DIY jewelry…yes please!  Check out how to create stamped washer necklaces from the 36th avenue.


These DIY concrete planters and succulants are chic, and hard to break or kill, from Remodelaholic.


DYI tea towels along with the hand painted kitchen utensils make a nice gift.  There are some great examples at It’s Always Autumn, and a painted, cured, waxed spoon tutorial here.


I love to tye-dye.  Each summer I do Tye Dye Day and recycle my stained t-shirts.  I might make my own tea towels this year.


An evening is alway more special with candles.  Makes this and other candles for under one dollar from Little Things.


Commemorate your road trips with this Map artwork tutorial from Martha Stewart.


Collect maps from your travels and create Map Coasters, tutorial from The Country Chic Cottage.


DIY clay ring dishes from A Beautful Mess look possible for a novice crafter.


Who knew all the things you can do with empty frappacino bottles, here are bath salt ideas from The Idea Room.  Another post coming soon, thanks to Buffer for the empty Starbuck’s bottles.


Here is a project I am definitly going to try from Silver Pennies.


I don’t forget all the things you can do with sharpies and mugs. has a sharpie mug tutorial.


Check out my pinterest page for more DIY ideas and post your ideas and comments here!



Great buys and Gifts

I’m not a great baker, my husband always tells me the smoke detector is not supposed to be a timer.  I not crafty either.  But the one thing I do well is shop on-line. I have been doing a lot of shopping this weekend and decided to blog some cool things and bargains I’ve found.

These comfy sweatpants are a great deal right now at Old Navy for only $10.00.  I love black, but they come in other colors.  These thermal tee’s are only $4.00!


and look at the smoking slippers, and scarfs for $5.00 each.


I am giving this month by month card organizer, blank greeting cards, stamps, and personalized address labels to my children this year with lists of important dates…like my birthday and mother’s day!  Get this organizer for $12.99 from I  ordered the personalized labels from, and Walmart has good deals on greeting cards.


This next item needs to show up in my stocking Santa.


Reusable, flexible wine bottle with funnel for $14.99 from Come to think about it, I might need two.


We have a tradition in our family, each year they get the official team sideline knit hat from the NFL shop.  It’s the hat all the players wear on the sidelines, we collect the new version each year. They have them for other teams but this one is the best, Go Hawks!  On sale now for 30% off.

I wouldn’t mind if this cute little trinket holder showed up in my stocking.  I like white but it is available in gold and silver also at H & M $12.99, check them out here pineapple H& M.  You could also fill it with treats, jewelry, or small perfumes.


In Seattle sometimes it’s hard to remember where you put your sunglasses.  At $12.00 from Nordstroms, you can have stylish sunglasses stashed in your car or purse for when that strange orb in the sky makes an unexpected appearance.  I think I need one of each.


Another thing on my list, is this individual ice cream maker for those sudden late night sweet attacks.


Single serving ice cream machine from $41.79.


We love this game, you can buy one or make your own, see my blogpost. Give the game of Molkky from on sale for $23.40.

We just got back from Hawaii and all the bags were stuck on the belt, when they finally fixed the jam everyone was grabbing bags.  I decided time to buy personalized luggage tags at Etsy for as little as $1.99 each.


I came across these fun custom key tags.

stuffer30 Get custom key or luggage tags from $15 at Various Key Tags.


I just realized I have a thing for trinket dishes. Hoping this Paris trinket plate from Anthropologie shows up under my tree, or the Gemini star sign dish, $14.00.  I love all things rooster.  I like this francophile dinner plate for $24.00.


Here’s a cool stocking stuffer, it’s a scarf holder from $10.64.


These silicone wine glasses would go nicely with the flexible wine bottle above (hint, hint) from $13.97 for two.


Kabob grilling baskets from on sale four for $30.99.


These ceramic cheese tray tags from Williams-Sonoma $24.95 would make a great gift alone or with a cheese board and your favorite cheese and crackers.


This campfire popcorn popper from is on sale for $14.41. It’s going in Bob’s stocking.  Anything I want that I don’t want to count as me, goes in Bob’s stocking.  I’m pretty sure he wants those Kabob baskets too!


My nephew and his wife just had a baby boy so this caught my eye, first sports bag from Nordstroms $18.75.  Along with the little sports socks, on sale $19.88, too cute.  Someday…


And who doesn’t need, Moscow Mule mugs on sale 4 for $59.99.


The perfect gift for anyone a trunk organizer from on sale for $50.97.


Love the tea towels from 2 for $7.99, a perfect hostess gift, or to go with some hand painted kitchen utensils.  But that’s another post. Stay tuned for my DIY gift ideas next.  P.S.  If you buy any products from through one of my links, then I get credit for the sale.  Thanks for supporting my blog.


31 Kind Things to do in August

Between politics, violence, and back to school commercials, I don’t even want to watch TV anymore.  However, my morning routine includes coffee and the news. I got my coffee, turned on the TV, and the first story I caught was on Q13 about doing one kind thing each day for the month of August.


I decided this is something I can do!  So I made a list of 31 things that I think I can do in the month of August to make the world a little better for those around me.

  1. Donate school supplies
  2. Call someone and tell them you are thinking about them
  3. Bake something to share
  4. Let another go first
  5. Buy someone lunch
  6. Say hello and smile at a stranger
  7. Thank someone for their service
  8. Give a compliment
  9. Plant a flower or tree
  10. Pick up litter
  11. Donate canned goods
  12. Hold the door open for someone
  13. Put away stray shopping carts
  14. Give an unexpected gift
  15. Leave an inspiring quote in a popular place
  16. Donate to a cause you are passionate about
  17. Send a hilarious e-card
  18. Leave someone a thank you note
  19. Offer everyone in line a stick of gum
  20. Mail a card to an old friend
  21. Give someone a $5 grocery gift card
  22. Read to someone
  23. Leave someone a nice comment on Facebook
  24. Run an errand for someone
  25. Donate gently used items
  26. Drop off a book to someone who you think might like it.
  27. Make breakfast in bed for someone you love
  28. Offer to give a caretaker a break
  29. Leave a larger tip than you normally would
  30. Tell your parents you love them
  31. Hug someone you love like you mean itkind 3


Take the pledge to do one kind thing each day in August. If you missed yesterday, do two today. Follow us on Twitter #onekindthing and post your ideas here!  For more ideas check out my Pinterest board.

kind 4


Cool Stools


I got a thing for stools. I recycled an old brown stool into this cute table in my exercise room.  I gave it a fresh coat of light blue paint, put on an old glass topper, and voilà.  The only thing I purchased was the candle at Fred Meyer.IMG_0224[1]I also got these chairs free, complete with slip covers, from my sister who just wanted them gone after her garage sale.IMG_0225[1]Here’s how it looks in the weight room. I got the shelf for free also. I turned an old cork bulletin board into a chalkboard with black chalkboard 005a little used area for me…garden 006I just come in here to water the plant…and admire my stool table!garden 008.JPGHere’s an old stool I painted with black chalkboard paint, and found this cute tray and bucket at Ross for under $20.00 for both.  Here’s three ways to use it.stool 1For appetizers…stoolFor gardening supplies, I turned the bucket around… Or for guest bath supplies…stool 6  Summertime hobby, turning old things into new treasures and shopping for bargains.

Salon 242 Deals

When the going gets tough, the tough go to the spa?…go out to lunch? a little shopping?  All of the above.  Having a tough week?  Go to Salon 242 in Lynnwood, near the convention center.lori 1Salon 242 is owned by my sister, Lori Columbro, and I think color is her speciality!  She did my hair today and it always makes me feel better.  Lori is offering deals on hair, like half price for a foil if you mention this blog!Lynn 1It’s not just a salon, it’s like a museum and a’s a salonmustique.lori 6She is also looking to lease a couple of stations.  If you know anyone interested let me know.lori 3.JPGGuard dog in window…I think he needs a name.  After the salon, I went out to lunch with my mom and did a little shopping…ahhh retail therapy!



Make Your Own Mölkky!

Miles Viljanen introduced us to this game last year at Lake Arrowhead in California when we went for Jayson’s graduation, we played 47 rounds of it, and it is now our favorite outdoor game.  We like to play in teams, but you can also play as 011

The Rules: The players use a wooden pin to try to knock over other wooden pins, which are marked with numbers from 1 to 12. The pins are initially placed in a tight group in an upright position. Knocking over one pin scores the amount of points marked on the pin. Knocking 2 or more pins scores the number of pins knocked over (e.g., knocking over 3 pins scores 3 points). A pin does not count if it is leaning (it must be parallel to the ground to count). After each throw, the pins are stood up again in the exact location where they landed. The first one to reach exactly 50 points wins the game. Scoring more than 50 will be penalized by setting the player’s score back to 25 points. A player will be eliminated from the game if they miss all of the target pins three times in a row.

The set up:IMG_0221[1] molkky setup

You can buy one at Or you could make your own by cutting a dowel and stenciling on the numbers.   This is in French but it’s good. 


Playing Mölkky in Chelan.  Nina likes my new selfie stick from Walmart, $4.88.mollly

You really should try it. It’s a blast!



Kirkland Uncorked!

I always look forward to Kirkland Uncorked!  Pick up your tickets at Fred Meyer on the way to save $5, receive 4 extra tokens, and avoid the lines.  The Kirkland Marina is a beautiful site, we like to boat in, but if you are going to drive, park in the lot in front of Anthony’s Restaurant, it’s wroth the small fee to save from the hassle of looking for a spot in downtown Kirkland.


It’s not just wine, there is beer, and other beverages.  First thing to do is sign up for a time to do the complementary paint and sip from Canvas.  Then head over to the pavilion for free food samples from local restaurants. Stroll the vendors with giveaways and games. It’s nice to walk out on the docks and check out the boat show… and of course sample local wines!

kirkland uncorked

More information here at

kirkland up corked 2.jpg

Last year at Kirkland Uncorked with the kids.

kirkland uncorked 3

Hope to see you there!

Live Creatively

Welcome to my lifestyle blog. My other blog,, is for educational issues. This one,, is for sharing creative living ideas. I started this blog a couple of years ago, and forgot I had it. I recently had been thinking about starting a blog for gardening, crafts, recipes and this one reappeared.

house 124

This is my favorite place and my favorite DIY project.  My husband, kids, and I built this for my 40th birthday.

house 128.JPG

The pond is off of this deck.  The grapes are taking over!