Miles Viljanen introduced us to this game last year at Lake Arrowhead in California when we went for Jayson’s graduation, we played 47 rounds of it, and it is now our favorite outdoor game.  We like to play in teams, but you can also play as 011

The Rules: The players use a wooden pin to try to knock over other wooden pins, which are marked with numbers from 1 to 12. The pins are initially placed in a tight group in an upright position. Knocking over one pin scores the amount of points marked on the pin. Knocking 2 or more pins scores the number of pins knocked over (e.g., knocking over 3 pins scores 3 points). A pin does not count if it is leaning (it must be parallel to the ground to count). After each throw, the pins are stood up again in the exact location where they landed. The first one to reach exactly 50 points wins the game. Scoring more than 50 will be penalized by setting the player’s score back to 25 points. A player will be eliminated from the game if they miss all of the target pins three times in a row.

The set up:IMG_0221[1] molkky setup

You can buy one at Or you could make your own by cutting a dowel and stenciling on the numbers.   This is in French but it’s good. 


Playing Mölkky in Chelan.  Nina likes my new selfie stick from Walmart, $4.88.mollly

You really should try it. It’s a blast!