I’m not a great baker, my husband always tells me the smoke detector is not supposed to be a timer.  I not crafty either.  But the one thing I do well is shop on-line. I have been doing a lot of shopping this weekend and decided to blog some cool things and bargains I’ve found.

These comfy sweatpants are a great deal right now at Old Navy for only $10.00.  I love black, but they come in other colors.  These thermal tee’s are only $4.00!


and look at the smoking slippers, and scarfs for $5.00 each.


I am giving this month by month card organizer, blank greeting cards, stamps, and personalized address labels to my children this year with lists of important dates…like my birthday and mother’s day!  Get this organizer for $12.99 from Amazon.com. I  ordered the personalized labels from Currentcatalog.com, and Walmart has good deals on greeting cards.


This next item needs to show up in my stocking Santa.


Reusable, flexible wine bottle with funnel for $14.99 from Amazon.com. Come to think about it, I might need two.


We have a tradition in our family, each year they get the official team sideline knit hat from the NFL shop.  It’s the hat all the players wear on the sidelines, we collect the new version each year. They have them for other teams but this one is the best, Go Hawks!  On sale now for 30% off.

I wouldn’t mind if this cute little trinket holder showed up in my stocking.  I like white but it is available in gold and silver also at H & M $12.99, check them out here pineapple H& M.  You could also fill it with treats, jewelry, or small perfumes.


In Seattle sometimes it’s hard to remember where you put your sunglasses.  At $12.00 from Nordstroms, you can have stylish sunglasses stashed in your car or purse for when that strange orb in the sky makes an unexpected appearance.  I think I need one of each.


Another thing on my list, is this individual ice cream maker for those sudden late night sweet attacks.


Single serving ice cream machine from Amazon.com $41.79.


We love this game, you can buy one or make your own, see my blogpost. Give the game of Molkky from Amazon.com on sale for $23.40.

We just got back from Hawaii and all the bags were stuck on the belt, when they finally fixed the jam everyone was grabbing bags.  I decided time to buy personalized luggage tags at Etsy for as little as $1.99 each.


I came across these fun custom key tags.

stuffer30 Get custom key or luggage tags from $15 at Various Key Tags.


I just realized I have a thing for trinket dishes. Hoping this Paris trinket plate from Anthropologie shows up under my tree, or the Gemini star sign dish, $14.00.  I love all things rooster.  I like this francophile dinner plate for $24.00.


Here’s a cool stocking stuffer, it’s a scarf holder from Amazon.com $10.64.


These silicone wine glasses would go nicely with the flexible wine bottle above (hint, hint) from Amazon.com $13.97 for two.


Kabob grilling baskets from Amazon.com on sale four for $30.99.


These ceramic cheese tray tags from Williams-Sonoma $24.95 would make a great gift alone or with a cheese board and your favorite cheese and crackers.


This campfire popcorn popper from Amazon.com is on sale for $14.41. It’s going in Bob’s stocking.  Anything I want that I don’t want to count as me, goes in Bob’s stocking.  I’m pretty sure he wants those Kabob baskets too!


My nephew and his wife just had a baby boy so this caught my eye, first sports bag from Nordstroms $18.75.  Along with the little sports socks, on sale $19.88, too cute.  Someday…


And who doesn’t need, Moscow Mule mugs on sale 4 for $59.99.


The perfect gift for anyone a trunk organizer from Amazon.com on sale for $50.97.


Love the tea towels from Amazon.com 2 for $7.99, a perfect hostess gift, or to go with some hand painted kitchen utensils.  But that’s another post. Stay tuned for my DIY gift ideas next.  P.S.  If you buy any products from Amazon.com through one of my links, then I get credit for the sale.  Thanks for supporting my blog.